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Here at Righteous Digital Media, our goal is to make your life easy, it's as simple as that.

Our focus is on what you need to build your business and take a step by step approach with you towards your goals. That's why we cover what you need to make progress and offer our advice on what works across a range of services.

We consider your complete approach to promoting your business. To hit your target audience no matter what your offering, a single branded message is what's important. Its no use having the best website if your social audience doesn't receive any content promoting your services. 

Likewise, if you have a fantastic marketing idea, you need the tools behind the scenes to capture the incoming business. 

Righteous Digital Media is a family run business so meet the husband and wife team behind the scenes.



Social Media and brand management is what Lol's all about. Outside of work Lol is a skilled cook (her breakfasts are well known at Bray Lake Watersports) and a keen and competitive SUP Paddler surfing and racing whenever she can.

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Branding, marketing and website building is Scotty's bag. Scotty is also a competitive SUP paddler and coach and enjoys a bit too much tea whilst he's working away.

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A good website is more than just a fancy page... Yes, you want to showcase your services, products and fantastic team, but now you can also have all your tools to manage your business in one place. 

When we build websites, we start with what you offer and what you need to make that investment work. How will your clients interact with your site, and ultimately how easy is it for them to contact or purchase from you. 

We offer you a complete package and set up not only your site's layout and features but a whole host of tools as you need them such as:

  • CRM - manage your customer details and purchases

  • Forms - from a simple contact us form to a more detailed interaction

  • User Roles - allowing a team to access and manage the areas relevant to them

  • Business Details - The important stuff ready for invoicing, social media and email

  • Marketing - Email campaigns and social media 

  • Apps - A whole host of out the box apps for all requirements

  • Integrations - From payment gateways to marketing suites and more


Social Media

Social Media is often the way your customers find you first, so having your brand represented across your channels is incredibly important. 

Once your brand is looking good the next step is to stay relevant which takes time and a thought-through strategy that we can help you with. Knowing when your audience is most likely to interact and building up stories around your key offerings and announcements can really boot your channels. 

Social Media


In a world where brand awareness is key having a plan and defined guidelines can really make you stand out. When we look at your brand we consider the complete picture from every angle. We think of how your brand is viewed by the customer, how your different offerings interact and build a complete picture of you. 

Brand management is more than just having a goal, we work with you to define brand guidelines for marketing, product placement, target customers and further evolution as your brand grows. 



How do you communicate with your clients? That's the key marketing question that we can help you answer through strategy, design and implementation. 

We can help you create a marketing plan across your offerings, design and produce your content to help sell your services and set up campaigns going out to your customers.  

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